Why Use a Kish Travel Specialist?

Maybe you’ve heard some people say that travel agents are obsolete. “Who needs them? You can make all the arrangements you need yourself, online—flights, rental cars, hotels, the whole nine yards.”

That might be true if you’re planning something like a simple business trip to a town where you’ve already attended meetings several times, or a visit to grandma’s house for the holidays. But what if you’re heading to an exotic overseas destination, or planning “the vacation of a lifetime”—or, for that matter, a pleasure trip to any unfamiliar place... a trip in which you’re investing a lot of money, heart, hopes, and dreams? Wouldn’t you rather depart with the confidence that your trip has been thoroughly planned, with potential problems thought through in advance, so that you can relax and more fully enjoy your time away instead dealing with unpleasant surprises? Here’s where a Kish Travel Specialist can make all the difference with the knowledge and expertise to:

  • Provide you with a choice of prices from multiple sources
  • Suggest alternative dates to save you money
  • Advise you from the perspective of someone who has actually visited your destination or knows someone who has
  • Know where to look for great deals and options, saving you time and frustration by applying in-depth industry and destination knowledge
  • Assist you not only with your bookings, but also with issues or problems that may arise during or after your travel
  • Steer you clear of travel scams
  • Get to know your unique needs and preferences as a professional who is interested in becoming your long-term travel advisor
  • Share with you the benefit of his or her industry connections, resulting in better service
  • Suggest great options for your trip that otherwise may have never occurred to you
  • Prevent unexpected hassles and unpleasant surprises


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