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About Kish Travel Pack & Pay

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Register your school or organization.

    Just click the "enroll here" button below or call
    1-866-577-6060 to register.

  2. Watch the mail.

    We'll send you a Pack & Pay program kit with everything you need to get started.

  3. Travel and get money for your group!

    Every time a member of your group books travel through Kish Travel, your school or organization receives cash.




Program Details


Cash Received

Your organization will earn:

  • 20% of trips’ commission if auto deposited into your organizations’ Kish Bank account.

- or -

  • 10% of trips' commission if auto deposited into another banks’ account for your organization.

Eligible Travel

Kish Travel experts understand how to make your vacations and getaways remarkable. So as you’re making your plans, remember to book any of the following types of trips through Kish Travel and watch your cash donation grow:

  • Signature Tours
  • Cruises
  • Group Tours
  • Vacation Packages, including individual and family

(Only travel booked through Kish Travel is eligible for the program.)


Official Rules

Kish Travel’s Pack & Pay is open to any public, private, or parochial school and any non-profit organization in the Kish Travel trading area. Each group within a school or each community organization is limited to one enrollment.


Designation of Program Coordinator

Each participating school or organization must designate a Pack & Pay program coordinator. The program coordinator will serve as the liaison between the school or organization and Kish Travel. All checks, support materials, and communications will be sent directly to the attention of the program coordinator at the address/phone/e-mail he or she provided at enrollment. Designating a program coordinator and establishing a single point of contact will ensure that all materials and communication can be delivered in the most effective manner for both parties.


Kish Travel reserves the right to alter the terms of the Pack & Pay Fundraising Program and to end the program at
any time.

Contact Kish Travel

Lewistown 717-242-1465
State College 814-861-6060
Huntingdon 814-643-5240
Toll Free 800-336-9748
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