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business-travelerIf you live in Central Pennsylvania, chances are you’re already aware of Kish Travel’s reputation as an expert partner for leisure travel planning. But did you know that our Specialists also have over 100 years of combined experience serving business travelers in our community?

As any experienced “road warrior” knows, any initial sense “glamour” with which a novice may view business travel will wear out quickly. You soon realize that a successful business trip is all about keeping stress, hassles, and unexpected surprises from derailing you from getting to your destination on time and in the right frame of mind to succeed in the work that needs to be done.

Planning a seamless business travel experience takes at least as much expertise as a great pleasure trip, if not more, but with some different or additional details to manage, like: “Will the hotel have free, high-speed, wireless Internet access and a fully equipped business center?” “Is there convenient, readily available transportation to the convention center?” “Will I have to travel out of the way to find a decent restaurant to take my clients out to dinner?” “Are the fares and rates compliant with the travel policies of my company?”

Whether you’re travelling across the state or around the world, our Kish Travel Specialists have the expertise and first-hand knowledge to manage these details and make your business travel experience as stress-free as possible. And, to help us serve you even better, we don’t take the “one trip at a time approach” but instead focus on building relationships with companies, organizations, and individual business travelers. This enables us to anticipate your needs and stay constantly on the lookout for additional options that can make your business travel more successful and cost-effective.

Experience the Kish Travel difference for yourself: for one-stop, hassle-free service for your business air travel, car rental, and lodging needs, call 800-336-9748 and let one of our specialists show you everything that we can do for you!


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