Kish Specialists' Tips for Making Travel More Fun

There's nothing more exciting than going on your dream vacation. Whether you're heading to a favorite ski destination, theme park, or exotic beach, your travel experience can be more enjoyable if you follow these time-tested tips. Here are some of the Kish Specialists' favorite tips.

  • travel-more-funBe Active—Biking or walking tours get you close to the action. Breathe in the tantalizing air of local markets. Venture out to a lush botanical garden or experience an adventure such as kayaking or a zipline tour.
  • Insure Your Good Times—You don't want to have a mishap that ruins your trip. Travel and medical insurance are essential whether you're traveling near or far.
  • Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone—Try something new! Go solo if you haven't before, journey to an exotic location, or stay at a different type of lodging.
  • Don't Plan Every Minute—Some of your most interesting adventures will be spontaneous.
  • Learn About Your Destination—Do some research before the trip. While you're there, eat something new, or talk to a local shopkeeper. Your trip will be enhanced with a little effort.
  • Budget Travel Doesn't Mean Cheapskate Travel—Trying to save money by skimping on a great experience limits the enjoyable moments on a great trip. Decide what is important and budget accordingly.

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