Experience Smooth Travel This Winter

No one wants to get stuck in an airport or at a highway rest stop while traveling in the winter. In the cold and snowy months, preparation can be the difference between getting to your destination or being disappointed.

smooth-winter-travelWhen traveling by air, watch out for connecting flights. Book a non-stop if possible. If there are any weather delays anywhere on your flight path, your connection could be missed or cancelled. Give yourself more than adequate time between flights if you have to connect to allow for the possibility of bad weather. Alternate airports, southern routes, and planning ahead all can help.

Driving to your destination in the winter also requires preparation. Watch weather forecasts to see if your plans should be changed.

Make sure to have extra warm clothing and a charged cell phone with you.

To make sure other motorists can see you, use your headlights in snow or low-light conditions. Also, be ready for emergencies by putting a shovel, snow scraper, flares, and a blanket in your vehicle.

Most importantly, take your time. After all, arriving safely is your goal.


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