Interactive Travel Tools

To make your travel planning even more convenient, here's a set of handy interactive tools recommended by your Kish Travel Specialists.  Use them to help you plan ahead because, in the world of travel, more information means less stress! And remember: our Kish Travel Specialists are more than just your booking agents. We're your advocate for your entire trip, from start to finish—so don't hesitate to contact us for any information you need!


  • Visa Central

    Need a passport or visa in a hurry? Want the latest information on visas and other entry requirements for countries worldwide? Think of Travel Document Systems as "Visa Central," enabling you to easily process and check the status of applications for your international travel needs. And remember: your Kish Travel Specialist is always available to help you with these processes and make sure you have taken care of all of the details required for your international travel.

  • Currency Converter

    Not sure what today's exchange rate is for the Thai Bhat? Need to convert that dinner tab from a London restaurant for dollars for your business expense report? No worries—here's a handy online currency converter that can help!

  • Online Flight Check-In

    Checking-in online before your flight can save you time and stress when you arrive at the airport and, depending on your airline, may also have other advantages, such as increasing your chance of success in making last-minute changes, such as moving to a more desirable seat. For your convenience, we have provided the links below to access online check-in service from top airlines. Don't see your airline listed here? Just ask your Kish Travel Specialist for tips on checking-in online.

  • Flight Tracker

    The Flight Tracker tool from FightStats is an easy, interactive way to track the status (scheduled, en-route, landed, delayed, etc.) of flights on most major airlines between most destinations, domestic and worldwide.

    It comes in handy for a variety of purposes, like finding out ahead of time about delays or cancellations when you're picking someone up at the airport, confirming arrival at the final destination when a family member or friend is traveling, and more. For greater personalization of features, you can also sign up for your own account with FlightStats. Your Kish Travel Specialist can give you more information on how to get the most from this useful tool.

  • Weather

    Is it going to snow this weekend in Boston? Should I pack a pair of Bermuda shorts for Bombay? Forgetting to think about the weather conditions at your destination can be a frustrating, embarrassing mistake that could put a damper on your enjoyment of a vacation or the success of a business trip. So be informed—use to access a world of timely forecasts and other valuable information.

    With their in-depth expertise on the norms—and even the extremes—of the seasonal climates of destinations around the world, your Kish Travel Specialist is also a great resource for valuable information on what weather to expect, what to pack, and more. So feel free to pick our brains!

  • Maps

    Reviewing maps can help you plan ahead in a variety of ways, including:

    • Getting directions to the airport
    • Familiarizing yourself with the street layout in the area surrounding your hotel
    • Finding your way to restaurants, services, and points of interest at your destination
    • And more!

    Two excellent resources are MapQuest, with an especially useful Route Planner that helps you find the most efficient order and route between multiple driving destinations, and Google Maps, with an array of useful features like Street View that can, for example, give you an idea of what your destination and the surrounding area look like.  With your mobile device, you can use these services as a quick source of information on the go!

  • Time Zones

    Plan ahead for jet lag, and build-in time to your schedule for recovery when you arrive. Coordinate schedules for calls with associates back in the states while you're abroad. Plan for possible limits in ground transportation availability when you're arriving at odd hours. The World Time Server is your easy access point to a world of time-zone-specific information, from Albania to Zimbabwe!

  • ATM Locator

    Whether you're traveling in the U.S. or abroad, your ATM card—especially if it's a Visa or MasterCard debit card—can be an easy way to get cash in the local currency.  The resources below can help you find nearby ATMs when you're traveling. Remember to plan ahead by checking with your card issuer about possible fees for using out-of-area ATMs, foreign currency conversion fees, etc.

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